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Whether you are repairing or upgrading your golf cart, we feature a wide variety of Club Car accessories and golf cart parts that will meet your needs. Club Car was established in 1958 in Texas. In 1982 Club Car came out with the DS cart which featured a Kawasaki 9 horse 286cc motor. In 1991 Club Car decided to see if they could upgrade their cart by adding a 9 horse 290cc overhead valve motor.

The Club Car DS model also featured an electric cart which has a 48 volt electric motor. They also have an IQ model that has an electronic braking system to give safety to people going down hills and more power going up hill. They also have a 36 volt electric cart which was made only until 2003. Club Car introduced in late 2003 the Precedent which contained an 11 horse 351cc motor. The electric cart was the first cart to introduce four 12volt batteries. Club Car's name to fame is there aluminum frame. Check out our selection of Club Car accessories and parts:

Club Car Windshield

If you need to replace your golf cart windshield you need to consider several things before making a purchase. After all, you will want protection from the weather as well as the prevention of flies, insects, and bugs from entering the cart. You will want to decide on the color as well as the material and design. Most golf car windshields are constructed from polycarbonate or acrylic. The first will not break or crack. The acrylic type can be broken making it less durable. Another consideration is the color. Your choice will usually consist of either a tinted windshield or one that is transparent. A tinted windshield is easier on the eyes. Still, you need to be careful to choose one that is not too dark in tint as this will cause obstruction with your vision. Another consideration is the design. The decision you will need to make is between a solid and a split design. The solid windshield is one piece while the split design consists of two pieces which allows for one of them to be folded down. Compatibility is another consideration. This will depend on the type of top your golf cart has. Different manufacturers offer different type of tops. You need to make certain the windshield will attach properly to your cart. You need to determine how your windshield will be mounted. Some will require mounting hardware which will make it permanent. You can also choose a portable windshield that can easily be removed as they are attached with bungee straps. Please call or email us with any questions!

Club Car Headlights

Putting a golf cart light kit on your Club Car will give you those extra hours and that sharp look you're looking for on your golf cart. In addition to many other Club Car accessories and parts, we carry all Club Car golf cart light kits for the DS model as well as the hard to find Precedent light bar with bumper. Club Car headlights are easy to install, but remember if you have the 48 volt model a voltage reducer will be needed in addition to the light kits for proper function.

Club Car Rear Seats

A rear seat on your Club Car will enable you to bring those extra family members and friends with you everywhere you go on your Club Car. Rear seats means you no longer have to tell people that you can only fit 2. Now with your Club Car rear seat kit you can double it to 4. With several different styles of rear seats, we'll have the one to fit your needs.

Club Car Lift Kits

Want that exciting off-road experience on your Club Car? You need a Club Car lift kit made by All Sports Manufacturing. AMERICAN made and rugged, these lift kits are built to last. You can go all the way back to the 1982 DS models up to the current Precedent models and get a 6" or a 10" super lift! By putting one of these Club Car lift kits on you should never worry about grounding out again.

Club Car Arm Rest

These Club Car Arm Rests are a great way to personalize the rear seat on your Club Car golf cart and add a bit of comfort at the same time. They include cup holders for a convenient place to store your beverage and come in an assortment of colors to match whatever style you are looking for. Mounting hardware is included and installation is fast and simple.

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