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Baseball wrap(Part Number: Rad bbw)

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Radical Golf carts has its own line of wraps. This is a Baseball Wrap. All wraps are printed by Radical Golf Carts with top of the line material. How to put your wrap on. First take your body off your cart. Then you want to grab a friend or two. look at your wrap pieces you will notice that there is 5 pieces. Piece 1 is the front cowl marked on the back of your wrap. To install this piece you are going to take the backing off the wrap first, then you are going to stretch the wrap out and place it on the cowl. When you placing it on the cart start from the middle. When you start flatting it out very carefully use your squeegee and hair dryer to flatten it out do not let the hair dryer get any closer then 12 inches to the wrap. If you put the hair dryer to close you will burn a hole in your wrap. The rear body parts are marked on the back of the wrap, driver side and passenger side it also tells you what is the front and back of the cart there also is a middle piece. Start at the front corner where it turns the seam should be at the corner of the front body. When placing the side piece you want to start at the front of the cart only peel half of it off and cut the film be hind it so it is not in your way. Place the front half of that piece then slowly peel the rest of the backing off then place the rest of the piece. After you place the two side pieces put the foot panel peace on start at the middle and smooth it out. When placing any of the pieces pull them under the body and trim your sheets so you have about 3 to 6 inches on the top an bottom. Installation is easiest if the body is off the ground put it on a table our something you can get your hands under easily. We do give you 1 extra peace in case you screw up. Enjoy your wrap they will give your cart a beautiful look.

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