EZGO Golf Cart Accessories and Parts


Ready for that lift kit for your EZ GO golf cart? Just need a headlight or a windshield? We feature most of the EZGO golf cart parts and accessories you could ever want or need. E-Z-GO was developed in 1954 in a one room shop in Grovetown, Georgia by Bev and Billy Dolan. In 1961 the Dolan brothers sold there cart to Textron. Both brothers stayed part of Textron until 1978 when Billy Dolan left the company and went to Club car.

The TXT is the second newest model, coming out in 1994 and was E-Z-GO's first 4 stroke motor. It featured a 9 horse 295 cc twin Robin motor who later was purchased by Subaru. The electric version fetures a 36 volt system which is available in ds or pds. The TXT is still in production. RXV is E-Z-GO's newest cart. It features a 13 horse 400cc Kawasaki motor. And a new independent suspension in the front. RXV electric features a 48 volt AC drive which is the first of its kind. RXV also features a non cable braking system without a parking brake. The RXV also features a cool new body style with a 360 bumper.

Check out our inventory of EZ GO accessories and parts:

EZ-GO Mirrors

An EZ GO mirror will allow you to view your surroundings while barely moving your eyes. The 5 panel mirror style allows a full rear view, and it installs in a snap.

EZ-GO Storage Covers

We at Radical Golf Carts sell EZGO covers for your EZGO golf cart to be protected from the wind, rain and snow. If you want your cart to stay looking new, use one of our quality storage covers. The lightweight covers are made from a marine grade material, and the heavier, more durable covers are vinyl. Don't let the outdoors take a toll on your cart. Get an EZ GO golf cart cover for your cart today!

EZ-GO Windshields

If you need to replace your golf cart windshield you need to consider several things before making a purchase. After all, you will want protection from the weather as well as the prevention of flies, insects, and bugs from entering the cart. You will want to decide on the color as well as the material and design. Most golf car windshields are constructed from polycarbonate or acrylic. The first will not break or crack. The acrylic type can be broken making it less durable. Another consideration is the color. Your choice will usually consist of either a tinted windshield or one that is transparent. A tinted windshield is easier on the eyes. Still, you need to be careful to choose one that is not too dark in tint as this will cause obstruction with your vision. Another consideration is the design. The decision you will need to make is between a solid and a split design. The solid windshield is one piece while the split design consists of two pieces which allows for one of them to be folded down. Compatibility is another consideration. This will depend on the type of top your golf cart has. Different manufacturers offer different type of tops. You need to make certain the windshield will attach properly to your cart. You need to determine how your windshield will be mounted. Some will require mounting hardware which will make it permanent. You can also choose a portable windshield that can easily be removed as they are attached with bungee straps. Please call or email us with any questions!

EZ-GO Headlights

Looking for a way to dress up your EZ GO golf cart and increase your usage time? EZ GO golf cart headlights are a great way to do both . They look great and help you get around when it's dark. There are a few styles to choose from ranging from the factory bar style to cut out light kits for EZGO. Golf cart lights are easily installed and come with everything needed to get your cart lit up.

EZ-GO Rear Seats

EZGO rear seats are perfect when carrying extra people or even a load with the fold down capabilities. We offer steel or diamond plate aluminum construction EZ GO golf cart rear seats. Factory style cushions are available as well as custom two-tone styles.

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