Nine Awesome Golf Cart Drag Races

For as long as we can remember, people have been buying golf carts, old and new, and modifying them into mini muscle cars. Many DIY'ers install motorcycle engines, lawnmower engines or any other engine they can find laying around to make their golf carts go faster.

Golf cart drag racing has become so popular that there is even a National Golf Kart Racing Association (NGKRA), which we proudly sponsor. If you want to see even more golf cart drag races, visit their site and check out their photos and videos. They list all of their upcoming events as well, if you'd like to see one of these crazy races in person.

Check out this collection of videos featuring awesome souped-up Golf Carts.

This has to be one of the scariest golf carts ever to take off in. They modded this baby to handle a 1000cc Yamaha R1 engine, turning it from a stock 3rwhp golf cart to a massive 125rwhp.

Here's some more golf cart drag races

This guy looks like he can barely control this speedster on the dirt trail

In most cases, the one that looks like it's gonna win, does. What do you think happens here?

Watch these two golf carts race down a 1/8 mile drag strip with a time of 11.6.

If you thought those last two golf carts were fast, check this one out. It ran an 8.80 at DMP, an 80mph 1/8th mile drag strip. He could've ran it faster if his tires didn't spin for the first 40 feet.

Some of the most commonly souped-up golf carts are gas-powered, but let that stop you from speeding up an electric golf cart. The golf cart in the video below ran a 7.97 on a 1/8 mile strip, coming in at 77mph. WOW!

What could be the fastest golf cart in the world, this EZ-GO was clocked at 90 mile per hour.

What's it like to take a golf cart drag-racing at Rhinos at Glamis drag strip? Check it out!

And for the finale, this is why you shouldn't race on the golf course. Watch it twice. It's even funnier the second time.